Services & Pricing

All Consultations include comprehensive notes plus phone and email follow-up support.

**COVID-19 UPDATE FOR 2022**

 Private in-home training and behaviour consultations have now resumed.

GROUP PUPPY CLASSES have now resumed for 2022 for all clients however I request that masks are worn in all indoor classes.

 Still don't fancy mixing with people? See below for details about our popular PUPPY HOMESCHOOLING program!

Puppy Home Schooling


  • Digital version of my Puppy School Manual
  • 12 comprehensive videos on how to teach your puppy obedience basics
  • 3 x 1 hour one-on-one Zoom consultations where I can coach you on the above exercises and trouble shoot any behavioural issues you're having
  • Graduation goody bag and certificate for your fridge!

Puppy Home Schooling - $300

Get in touch for details.

So you're thinking of adopting a dog?

Puppy Packs

There are many human-canine combos whose problems stem from the simple fact that they're the wrong fit. Let me help you make a better choice by assessing breed and age suitability for your individual situation by booking a Pre-Adoption Advice Session. Along with breed suitability, I can help you make the right decision when it comes to selecting the correct equipment from the mind boggling number of options available out there. I can also help you to prepare your home for your new arrival and most importantly, ensure your expectations are realistic! By setting your new puppy or dog up for success, many more costly problems can be avoided further down the road.

Conducting this session in your home, gives me the opportunity to better assess how best to set up your home for maximum success in those important early weeks and to meet all the family, giving me the best idea of what sort of dog would best suit your individual situation.

Pre-Adoption Advice Session - 1.5 hours - $100.00

Puppy Training

Private, in-home puppy training is broken down into two sessions, the first being NEW PUPPY, where we address the immediate behavioural training issues that all new puppy parents require, such as settling at night, toilet training, mouthing, chewing, alone time, feeding and establishing good household routines and introducing the foundations of future training. As your new puppy is in his or her Critical Socialisation Period (or Sensitive Period for Socialisation), you will also learn how best to take full advantage of this precious time, setting your puppy up for becoming a resilient dog!

New Puppy Session - $230 (1.5 hours)

The next stage is SENIOR PUPPY. This is usually conducted around 2 weeks after your first session and here we will start your puppy's basic obedience training, instructing you on how to teach your puppy exercises such as Sit, Drop, Go To Mat and the beginnings of Recall (coming when called) and walking on a loose lead. This session is also a great opportunity to address any behavioural training you're having trouble with.

Senior Puppy Session - $250 (2 hours)

All sessions can be booked separately. Book the full three session package and receive a $50 discount off the final session!

1.5 hour follow up sessions - $200

Puppy Classes

Courses of 4 x 1 hour weekly lessons for puppies 8-15 weeks (approximately) at the time of the first lesson.
Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6-7pm at Balmain Village Vet Hospital, 3 Beattie Street Balmain

 Small class sizes (minimum 3, maximum 5 puppies) ensure individual attention while still providing valuable socialisation opportunities.
Over the 4 weeks we will cover why your puppy does what he does, how dogs learn and all the basics in puppy behavioural training such as
  • Toilet Training
  • Mouthing & Biting
  • Chewing & Destructiveness
  • Crying and Barking
  • Settling
  • Handling, grooming, general husbandry and care

We will also get you well on your way with training basic skills, such as

  • Response to Name
  • Hand Targeting
  • Sit on cue
  • Sit for Greetings (instead of jumping up)
  • Lie down on cue
  • Beginnings of Recall (come when called)
  • Beginnings of loose lead walking
  • Leaving a food distraction (e.g scraps in the street)

1 x 1.5 hour plus 3 x 1 hour weekly puppy classes  (4 weeks in total)+ folder of support notes - $265

Adult Dog Skills & Manners Training

Training your dog should be an enjoyable experience for you both. The more you understand about how your dog thinks and learns, the more effectively you can communicate. Clear communication means more successful training and desirable behaviour – with no need for force or coercion!

These sessions will cover basic manners and obedience and can also be tailored to address individual issues such as pulling on the lead, jumping up, lack of focus, not coming when called, mat training and settling etc.

Many perceived behavioural problems are actually due to a lack of training and understanding. Private training sessions or individual consultations are conducted in your home and/or local area at a time that suits you.

Private in-home adolescent and adult dog training - $290 (2 hours)

Follow up sessions - $200 (1.5hour)

Primer Training Pack

Developing a solid human-canine relationship is essential to your training success. Building this relationship by better understanding dog behaviour and learning to apply the training principles is the key to success.

Ultimately my job is to teach you how to teach your dog with an ADULT DOG OBEDIENCE & MANNERS session. However, in some cases it becomes apparent that the dog would benefit from some intensive work before we begin working with you. In the hands of a professional, the dog will be receiving reliable signals right from step one – no confusing messages from the handler in the early learning stage.

All Primer Training Packs require handover sessions to bring you up to speed on the work your dog and I have been doing, so you can learn how to maintain your dog’s new skills and carry on from there.

Sessions are most effective if they are grouped closely together.

4 X 1 hour sessions - $550

1 hour handover sessions - $150

Behaviour Modification

Behavioural problems are those that are not responsive to obedience training but require a Behaviour Modification Program, management strategies and sometimes a referral to a Veterinary Behaviourist.

Poor socialisation, dog to dog reactivity, destructive behaviour, resource guarding, fear, phobias and aggression are some common behavioural problems. Successfully resolving behavioural issues is dependent on a number of variables but requires time, understanding, patience, persistence and dedication.

Call or email to discuss your dog’s particular issue.

Initial 2 hour consultation - $290

Canine Good Citizen Award

The Delta Institute is the accrediting body for positive reward based trainers who have undertaken the national accredited training course conducted by Delta.

Every dog guardian would like their dog to have good manners and be well behaved both at home and out and about. The aim of the Delta Canine Good Citizen Award is to reward those guardians who put time and effort into their dog so that he or she is well mannered and confident and comfortable in everyday situations, both at home and in public.

The Canine Good Citizen™ Award can only be offered by currently accredited Delta Institute Members who have been certified to conduct the Award.

To be eligible to qualify for the CGC Award, you must complete a class or private training program with a Delta accredited instructor. At Positively Rewarding, I offer packages of 4 x 1 hour private lessons. These cover the initial Foundation Skills, followed by the more advanced Life Skills required to successfully achieve the Award. Assessment of each criteria is recorded throughout the course. Book as many 4 x 1 hour lesson packages as necessary to achieve the award and single lessons can be added to the end of any package.

To ensure you and your dog are truly competent in the range of exercises included in the Award, I will observe you demonstrating these skills in different contexts during the length of the program and on at least 3 occasions before you can be assessed as competent.

Email me for more details and an outline of exercises to be assessed. 

Canine Good Citizen Award - 4 x 1 hour lesson and assessment package - $600

Additional single 1 hour lessons - $150

Contact Cath on 0421188819