What is Positive Training?

Reward and management based training is the most effective and easiest approach to teaching your dog and ensuring they are eager to play the training game.
Positive, reward-based dog training isn't permissive but rather it's about teaching your dog the behaviour you want to see, in a gentle, force-free way they understand, which is a fun and positive experience for both dog and handler.
Developing a strong, healthy working relationship, built on mutual respect and trust is the foundation of successful training. At Positively Rewarding, the training method I use is based primarily on positive reinforcement; a method which is backed by decades of scientific study. Reward based training is recommended by the Australian Veterinary Association, Veterinary Behaviourists, the RSPCA and the Animal Welfare League.
Force-Free, reward-based training fits with my personal principle that we should treat animals humanely at all times. If we need to intimidate or inflict pain on an animal to achieve our training goals, then I believe we have failed them.
Not only do these techniques strengthen the human-canine bond, they make training fun for both parties!

My Services

Offering a variety of private training options, conducted in your home

Private In-home Training

Private one-on-one consultations and lessons at a time that suits you, conducted in your home. New puppy basics, adolescent and adult dog manners and obedience training.

The Canine Good Citizen Award (CGC)

The CGC™ program will help strengthen the bond with your dog and teach better communication skills and as a result, your dog will become more confident and comfortable in a variety of everyday situations both at home and in public.

Primer Training Package

You get on with the rest of your life while I train! This is where I bring your dog up to speed before you get involved. Your dog can make faster progress in the hands of a professional before I hand the lead over.

Behaviour Issues

Behavioural issues are not responsive to obedience training but rather require a behavioural modification program, management strategies and in some cases a referral to a Veterinary Behaviourist.

About Me - Cath Jennings MDI (CPDT)

With over 25 years experience working with animals both large and small, including horses, dairy cows, cats, rats and of course dogs, I have a range of qualifications including Companion Animal Services in Dog Behaviour and Training with the Delta Institute and am a Delta Accredited Canine Good Citizen Instructor. I’m also a qualified Veterinary Nurse and have further qualifications in Horse Management, from the Institute of Technology Ultimo and The British Horse Society.

As an individual, I believe in the humane treatment of animals at all times. My work in a variety of industries, with a number of species, has led me here, to a place free of exploitation, where I know that I am helping dogs and their humans have a better life together; a relationship built on trust, kindness and mutual understanding.

Along with my work at Positively Rewarding, I also work with the behaviour team at a large local animal shelter and am a member of a number of industry associations including the Delta Institute, the APDT (Australian Association of Pet Dog Trainers) and the PPGA (Pet Professional Guild Australia)

I continue to build on my education by regularly attending dog behaviour conferences and seminars, to ensure my knowledge is up-to-date, enabling me to provide you with the latest knowledge in behaviour and training.


As an 83 year old, I found it difficult to carry out the exercises Cath was teaching me. She suggested she work with my little dog Buddy and get him to the point where he was more comfortable with the big, bad world. Buddy loves Cath and we both looked forward to her twice weekly visits. After working with Buddy for a number of weeks, Cath did some work with the two of us and gradually got us to the point where we (sadly!) no longer need her. Buddy and I are now confidently walking the neighbourhood, which has improved his life and is also good for my health. I am extremely happy with the work Cath put in and also all her advice. Buddy and I could not give Cath higher praise!

James & 'Buddy'

Dear Cath,

Working with you was Positively Rewarding for Nancy and our whole family!  We all responded to your warmth and your calm approach.  Your simple and effective strategies helped Nancy overcome her anxiety from life as a racing greyhound and soon had her enjoying her new life as a family pet.  She is a treasure and so are you.  Many thanks.

The Sanderson Family & 'Nancy'

We had decided to purchase our first family dog and engaged Cath to help us with the pre-purchase advice and guidance. We were very focused on ensuring we found a dog with the right temperament for our family, especially as we were looking at rescue dogs. 

Cath was a brilliant support! She helped with breed advice, specific rescue dog advice, recommended where to look for a dog, etc. Once we found our preferred pup, she gave us advice on what to look for when meeting him and reviewed footage of his behaviour with us. We ended up with a very calm, placid and patient dog who is great with all types and sizes of people and dogs. I know that without Cath's knowledge or experience we would not have ended up with our lovely Ted.

Once we brought Ted home, we continued to engage Cath for help with transitioning him, behaviour, training, etc. Again, Cath's advice was invaluable. She is a wealth of information and up to date on dog behaviour and training techniques. Cath is also not afraid to modify techniques or advice as needed, if they are not working for the dog or the human.

 Absolutely would not hesitate to recommend Cath for anyone looking to purchase a dog or to work on their current dog's behaviour and training. She is knowledgeable, patient, kind, so great with dogs and a lovely person to boot.

Ceris & 'Ted'                                                         

Recent Positively Rewarding  Students

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